Construction Site Guarding

Solid Safety
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Cost savings through prevention

The site guard ensures the protected operation of the construction site as well as the safety of the materials and equipment used there. The guarding of a construction site is basically different from that of an already completed object. The guards usually monitor a largely open, confusing area in the construction site guard. In addition, the guards must protect the outdoor objects against theft and vandalism and also keep an eye on the flow of persons on this site.
Of course, we are happy to create an individual security concept for each construction site, which includes the areas of security, work, health and fire protection.
Because only by all these activities does your construction site remain in perfect condition, so that the prerequisite for a normal operation is given.

Services in construction site guarding

Our services include:
  • Guarding and patroling
  • Matrial guarding
  • Access control (e.g. at the gate / barrier / safety lock)
  • Additional assistants
Important other factors are:
  • Fire protection
  • Company paramedics
At least one company paramedic is required in establishments with more than 100 employed insured persons present on construction sites.

Security concept

For every single mission, we first develop an individual safety concept with you and put it into effect in consultation with you. We are also happy to include your special requirements in this concept, so that you receive an individually tailored plan. On the basis of this concept, we then draw up a roster with suitably qualified and unproven guards who carry out the security services in accordance with the agreed concept. Trust in our many years of experience in the prevention of dangers and threats to people and property. We would be pleased to invite you to a non-binding consultation and create an individual security concept together with you.