Public Transport

Solid Safety
Cost savings and trust through prevention

The most sensitive public areas include train stations, bus stops and metro stations. Our qualified staff ensures constant safety here, so that passengers can travel safely at any time.

Public transport services

We offer for your event, among others:

  • Security and order for public transport
  • Patroland and guard stations, metro stations and stops
  • Accompaniment of bus, train and train journeys
  • Support of the Federal Police at major events
  • Video surveillance and prevention

Solid Safety Safety Staff: Qualified Experience in Public transport 

We have extensive expertise and many years of experience in the implementation of safety and service systems in public transport. We are happy to use these qualities to ensure continuous safety in your transport network.

Our security staff specializes in prevention, de-escalation and education. Through various training measures, they are prepared for any emergency. In the event of danger, they provide first aid, intervene in disputes and help to prevent these situations through their presence. Thanks to our competences, we are aware of the danger situations associated with busy public areas and we can therefore take targeted action against them. In cooperation with the Federal Police, our security staff take action against pickpockets, aggressive travellers and violations of the house rules.

In order to additionally support your public transport service (ÖPV), our employees are also available to travellers as a point of contact for questions and problems of any kind.

Safety at major events

Major events are a major challenge for public transport. Due to the large crowds, the usually high alcohol consumption and spatial tightness, at such events can not only pose dangers from particularly conspicuous persons, but also from rather quiet visitors. Here, our security staff prove their trained eye by early detection of hazards and preventive separation of e.g. different fan groups. Here, we rely on individually designed security concepts, which are optimised by our experience. Our security staff always have modern techniques at their disposal to prevent and prevent dangers. These techniques sometimes include defences, safety grilles and radio units. Our operations center is in active contact with the employees and thus reliably coordinates the operations.

The security services of Solid Safety GmbH are your reliable partner for safety and order in public transport. Trust in our many years of experience in the prevention of dangers and threats to people and property. We would be pleased to invite you to a non-binding consultation and create an individual security concept together with you.


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