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Cost savings and trust through prevention

Department store surveillance protects the shops that are used by thousands of customers every day and are the focus of criminals. It doesn’t matter if it’s about shoplifting, bag and employee theft, or vandalism. In addition, customers’ sense of security also plays an increasing and revenue-enhancing role. Through our work as detectives and doormen,  we ensure that your customers can feel safe in your store at all times.


This is why Solid Safety  GmbH offers, among other things:

  • Qualified detectives
  • representative Doormen
  • state-of-the-art safety technology
  • Object protection

The focus of our work is usually the classic detective work, but we also provide you with representative doormen  for an increased sense of security and to deter criminal elements.


Detectives investigating shoplifting and employee thefts

Unfortunately, shoplifting happens every day and often leads to high financial damage. Our security staff are familiar with all common tricks, take part in regular training sessions and have a sensitive sense of suspicious persons. Thanks to a combination of video surveillance and covert investigation in your department store, most of the thefts can be prevented or a large number of offenders can be caught. By working closely with the police and enforcing your home law, every shoplifting will be brought to light and the theft rate of the future will be reduced in a sustainable manner.

Although employees are less likely to commit thefts than customers, the damage is usually much higher and the deeds more difficult to investigate. In order to be able to carry out an investigation more quickly, intensive investigative work and the use of security technology such as video surveillance are often required. Whether you want to take preventive measures or have a concrete suspicion: Trust the experience of our security staff and take targeted action against thefts.

Representative Doormen: Security Presence and Prevention

Doormenare an excellent means of preventing crime. They give visitors a sense of security when they enter your shop and deter potential thieves.  If there are any dangerous situations, they are immediately available and intervene.

Our security staff trained as doormen  dress appropriately to the appearance of your company. On request, they regularly patrol through and additionally check areas, such as the toilet facilities and car parks, which are often affected by violations of the house rules.



Security concept

For every single mission, we first develop an individual safety concept with you and put it into effect in consultation with you. We are also happy to include your special requirements in this concept, so that you receive an individually tailored plan. On the basis of this concept, we then draw up a roster with suitably qualified and unproven guards who carry out the security services in accordance with the agreed concept. Trust in our many years of experience in the prevention of dangers and threats to people and property. We would be pleased to invite you to a non-binding consultation and create an individual security concept together with you.


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