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Store surveillance
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Ensuring security for customers – Preventively pushing back shoplifters
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One of the core tasks of detective work is the operation and monitoring of a modern camera system, oriented to the area to be monitored. Direct contact with customers should not be underestimated. For this purpose, we provide you with representative doormen at entrance and exit areas of your business, which act as a deterrent by their presence alone.

As a supplement to the detective service we also recommend the commissioning of a Fire watch.
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Application areas

Not only “customers” but also employees can be considered as thieves? Solid Safety operates in both directions.

Enforcement of your house right

You decide who is allowed in and who is not. Especially in case of theft, vandalism and misconduct in your department store, we enforce your domiciliary rights and expel the respective persons from your store. 

Filling out penalty applications

If we catch a thief or vandal, we detain him temporarily until the police arrive. Subsequently, we fill out penalty applications on your behalf and hand them over to the responsible authorities. Your employees do not need to be involved in this process.

Personal customer approach at the entrance and exit area

We are not only to be found preventively at entrances and exits, but also interact with your customers as a personal contact. 

Other services

If you wish, we can also provide you with trained personnel such as cashiers, sales assistants or hostesses.

Sicherheitsdienst Frankfurt, Sicherheitsdienst Berlin, Sicherheitsdienst Hamburg
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