Sicherheitsdienst Frankfurt, Sicherheitsdienst Berlin, Sicherheitsdienst Hamburg
Sicherheitsdienst Frankfurt, Sicherheitsdienst Berlin, Sicherheitsdienst Hamburg
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Our ultimate goal is to prevent the emergence of fire, spread of fire and smoke (so-called fire spread), as well as to enable the rescue of people & animals and effective firefighting.

We work primarily preventively and ensure that the working environment is made safe. Nevertheless, despite all preventive measures, a fire can be started during or after work. Now it is a matter of acting quickly. We contact various emergency services, extinguish minor fires with available extinguishing agents, check, care for and evacuate people. Our fire guards are well trained for such situations.

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Areas of application

We deploy fire safety guards wherever there is an increased risk of fire. Not only large events are included here, but also industry, construction sites and Companies throughout Germany.

Fire watch in case of failure of the fire alarm system (BMA)

The fire alarm system is at the center of plant fire protection. To ensure the long-term operational safety and effectiveness of fire alarm systems, they must be regularly inspected, serviced and maintained. 

Fire watch in case of sprinkler system failure

The sprinkler system is an important component of plant fire protection. It protects human life, animal life and property. An incipient fire that is detected late can thus be contained and a major fire avoided. 

Fire watch during maintenance work

According to DIN 14675, automatic detectors without measured value tracking must be replaced. Automatic detectors with microprocessor-controlled measured value tracking every eight years.

During the exchange we are on site for you and take over the fire watch.

Fire watch at trade fairs and events

If many people come together in enclosed spaces, this brings dangers with it. A fire can cause enormous property damage to your property from flames and extinguishing water. A fire is also dangerous for employees and visitors. We work strictly according to legal regulations and create an individual fire protection concept for you. 

Sicherheitsdienst Frankfurt, Sicherheitsdienst Berlin, Sicherheitsdienst Hamburg
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